Fact4ward has developed techniques to support sales funnel efficiency improvements in the automotive business. To do this there are two areas of operation it is involved in. Footfall, which accurately measures retailer showroom traffic and Topfunnel which measures customer behaviour on the manufacturer’s website.  Together these two techniques offer a unique way to not only measure the performance of the sales and marketing operation as a total, but to separate out and measure the different steps in the sales funnel process.
Manufacturers typically assume that if more sales happen, the marketing must have been working ... and vice versa ... and this makes marketing unaccountable, untouchable, slippery and expensive (Cranfield).
Manufacturers look for saving where the return on investment (ROI) can not be explained e.g. marketing spend, so this typically tends to become the financial buffer in case sales don’t work out the way they were planned. In the marketing departments flashy, cool design is given priority over the solidity of the ROI.
In the dealer showroom activity is typically ad hoc and action is often taken on salesperson’s or dealer principle’s gut feel
Not all customer details are being captured (typically about 50%).
Measurement of campaigns or promotions, both local and national, is not possible, so no focus can be given to those activities that  work.
There is little ability to get under the skin of the customers to understand what to do.

This is precisely where fact4ward can step in. It will give you:
1) An unbiased picture of “traffic flow” at the dealerships
2) Measure the effectiveness of the marketing activity at each stage of the sales funnel
3) Better, real time and actionable key performance indicators KPI’s.
4) Clear identification of improvement opportunities such as training, marketing etc.

Fact4ward uses a robustly engineered approach, forcing rigor at each stage.
It provides the facts to, for the first time, hold marketing accountable for quantity and quality of the leads it generates.
Possibility to compare dealerships against “personal best” or against others (anonimized).
Review conversion rate based on activity in each step of the sales funnel process.

Identify training needs required at the dealerships on local or national level.

Separate out the sales and the marketing performance to enable improvements of both, with a
factory like analysis of problems and measuring real time performance.

At the retailer the following areas are examples where improvements can be made using the Footfall data:
1) Manpower planning, both in terms of quantity of sales staff and skills set,
     by analysing unattended sit inns and overall showroom traffic flows by time of day and day of week.
2) Analysing the effectiveness of a marketing event or open day activity
3) Product mix in the showroom by analysing individual car footfall
4) Improving salesmen training and skills by analysing their real conversion performance (not only sales based).
5) Used car footfall information to morquickly identify slow movers


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